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2023 - 2024 Speaker Series


Presented in Partnership with the Bethlehem Public Library


BHA is now collaborating with the Bethlehem Public Library to sponsoring our Speaker Series Program.  All take place on from 7:00 to 8:45 p.m. in the library’s large Community Room.  Registration is recommended as there is a capacity limit. 


Call the library at 518-439-9314 or register using this website


The programs will also be announced in the library's Footnotes newsletter every 2 months.


The programs are open to the public.


Click here for pictures of previous programs

Up Coming Programs


 April 17, 2024, Robb Haberman:

Writing in the Service of His Country: The Revolutionary War Memoir of James Selkirk


For his talk Writing in Service of His Country: The Revolutionary War Memoir of James Selkirk Robb Haberman speaks on the experiences of Selkirk before, during, and after the conflict against Britain. Haberman discusses the memoir alongside a local patriot association, a regimental orderly book, and Selkirk’s own discharge papers. He demonstrates how these varied primary sources illuminate the political affiliations, wartime duties, and post-war hardships of Selkirk.


Robb Haberman is a historian of early America who received his doctorate in history from the University of Connecticut. He currently serves as an adjunct assistant professor at Fordham University. His work on politics, media, and memory in Revolutionary-era New York has appeared in several print and online publications, including the peer-reviewed journals New York History, Early American Studies, and American Periodicals.


For his current research project, Robb is editing the revolutionary-war manuscript memoir of James Selkirk in collaboration with Susan Leath and the Selkirk family. A Scottish immigrant, Selkirk served six-and-a-half years as a sergeant in the Continental Army and settled in Bethlehem following the conflict. Seeking to produce a scholarly edition of Selkirk’s memoir, Robb has received fellowships to research Selkirk’s life from the American Philosophical Society and the American Revolution Institute of the Society of the Cincinnati. 

Previous Programs

March 20, 2024, Michael Lucas: Life After Emancipation - Slavery to Freedom


February 21, 2024, Mike Engle: History of Diners in New York: Through his research Mike Engle has become a diner historian and local eatery aficionado.  

​November 15, 2023 John Wexler: Land Between Waterfalls:  Documenting Five Centuries of Indigenous Land Use in the Town of Bethlehem.


​October 18, 2023 Jill Knapp: Upstate New York Tenant Farmers’ Rebellion. An over-view of the Anti-Rent war in Rensselaer and Albany counties, and the incident in which Deputy Sheriff Griggs of Rensselaer was killed in 1869.


​Sept. 20, 2023 Stewart W. Lehman: The Stereoscope, a Gilded Age “Virtual Reality” Experience. In the 19th Century the new art of photography changed how people viewed the world.  

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