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The Greatest Show on Earth: Presenter Tom Allison September 15, 2016 The Circus owes a lot to Albany and one man in particular, Gilbert Spalding.


Capitol Hauntings: Presenter Stuart Lehman October 20, 2016 New York State's iconic capitol building has its share of mysteries.


Chilly Willy’s Winter’s Eve-How the Dutch Survived Winter: Presenter Shelby Mattice November 17, 2016 how the early Dutch settlers of the rural Hudson Valley survived the harsh reality that is an upstate New York winter.


Grave Stone Matters: Presenter Joe Ferrannini January 19, 2017 Ferrannini is an expert on cemetery preservation and the conservation of stone monuments. He will share his passion for the history to be found in cemeteries.


Dutch Architecture and Furnishings: Presenter Marilyn Sassi February 16, 2017 Lecture focused on the earliest houses that were built either as urban dwellings or rural homesteads.


Parker Dunn: A Boy, His Bravery and a Bridge: Presenter Mark Bodnar March 16, 2017 Historian Mark Bodnar shares the story of World War I Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Parker Dunn.


The Meneely Bell Foundry: Presenter Michael Barrett April 20, 2017 Founded in 1826 in West Troy (now Watervliet), the Meneely Bell Foundry made over 65,000 bells before closing in 1952. 

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