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2018-2019 Programs

Mohicans in Bethlehem, History and Today: Presented by Bonnie Hartley September 20 2018 discussion of Mohican history in the Bethlehem area including sharing local artifacts.


Geology, Landscape and the Iroquois Homeland: Presented by Chuck VerStraeten October 18, 2018 Connections about geology, landscape and the Iroquois Homeland.


The Schuyler Women: Presented by Jessie Serfilippi November 15, 2018 in-depth look at the history of the Schuyler women, their daily lives, and the impact they had in shaping their family's history.


The People of Beverwijck: Presented by Charles Gehring January 17, 2019 Street patterns, architecture, trades and daily events (such as the baker’s announcement of fresh bread and the herding of cows to pasture) will all be highlighted and put into context of the fur trade.


An Afternoon with the People of Colonial Albany and their Neighbors: Presented by Stefan Bielinski February 21, 2019 a musical and visual introduction to the lives of the diverse people who founded and built the city of Albany


A Portrayal of Clara Barton: Presented by Phyllis Chapman March 21, 2019 Phyllis Chapman personified Barton in period correct costume, and speak in the first person. Excerpts from Barton’s field diaries, period photographs and on-site photos of areas where Barton lived and worked included.


Skeleton Stories from Colonial Albany: Presented by Lisa Anderson April 18, 2019 She is the project manager for the Schuyler Flats Burial Ground project.    

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