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PROGRAMS for 2017-2018 

Portrayal of Ulysses Grant: Presenter Steve Trimm September 21, 2017 Trimm portrayed Grant as he was in early 1885, penniless and dying but determined to live long enough to finish his memoirs.


Slavery and Freedom: Presenter Michael Lucas October 19, 2017 Enslaved people of African and Native American descent were used as the primary labor force in New York until gradual emancipation abolished the institution in 1827.


Mapping David Vaughan’s New York: Presenter Craig Williams November 16, 2017 Vaughan was a skilled draftsman when he immigrated Ireland about 1847. Employed by the New York State Erie Canal Department, he produced large maps that he enhanced with drawings depicting his keen observations of life along the canal.


David Lithgow - Albany Artist: Presenters Bob Mulligan and Randy Patten January 18, 2018 A prolific artist, Lithgow (1868-1959), was a painter, sculptor and muralist whose works are scattered about Albany.


Aconite and Agony A Tale of 19th Century Medicine in Bethlehem NY: Presenter Stuart Lehman February 15, 2018 Stuart Lehman explores the sensational murder of Mary VanDusen Hendrickson.


Lucy Larcom: New England Mill Worker: Presenter Phyllis Chapman March 15, 2018 In 1835, at age 11, Larcom began work at the Lawrence Corporation mill in Lowell, Massachusetts. Through the lens of Larcom’s experience, Chapman explores the inside workings of the early 19th century textile industry.


Images of Childhood - 400 years Through Time: Presenter Marilyn Sassi April 19, 2018 illustrated talk focuses on the late 16th through the early 20th century, and covers many aspects of a child’s life with comparisons of between the working classes and the wealthy and the English and Dutch. 

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